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  1. metacwrtsart says:

    How will we break the news of the future?
    A group of Cwrt Sart Meta pupils visited the Evening Post offices in Swansea and Cardiff University to develop ideas for creating the news of the future.

    This is our page for reporting on news and events in our community. If there is an issue that you feel strongly about or you just want to practice your journalism skills then create stories and post them to us.

  2. metacwrtsart says:

    Tesco: in Briton Ferry

    It has been proposed that a Tesco is being opened in Briton Ferry. This has caused a big stir in the local community. There are a number of locals apposed to the idea. I did a survey and found that on average 68% are against it and 32% think it could be a good idea.

    This is a very controversial situation. A lot of local shop owners believe that the opening of a Tesco store will be detrimental to their businesses and may in some cases cause them to close down completely.

    However a lot of people are of the opinion that it will help the environment i.e less trips in their cars and public transport back and for to town for their weekly shop.
    They stated that “it would be convenient”. Some people also stated that “the parking would be horrendous”. When a situation like this occurs in a small community there are always good and bad aspects to these things.

    There are a mixture of people of all ages that live in Briton Ferry and the majority of them are car owners and are not particularly bothered about whether a Tescos store opens or not. It seems to me that unlike years ago the elderly and those whom do not drive relied on the corner shop.

    However these days people tend to opt for a quicker and easier way to supply their needs. It may be that as we progress then maybe the idea of a corner shop is dying out.

    Personally I am neutral to both parties of local views as both parties have stated that there are good and bad aspects.

    By: Samantha Cottam
    Yr 9

  3. Megan Slocombe, Chloe Soans and Ffion Griffiths says:

    For this blog we were assigined to do a report/interview/article,so myself and my garoup decided to interview our deputy headteacher and also the head of geography Mr A.Marchant:

    How do you fell about filling in for Mr Peers as deputy headteacher?
    I feel great about it, it’s a new expierence for me and i love a challenge.

    Would you ever consider a perminent postition as deputy head?
    Yes i defently would. I would be very happy to do it. That’s what I’d be looking to do next.

    In the future, would you ever consider a postition as headmaster?
    Maybe. I’ve never really considered it.

    Was teaching you first career choice?
    I think, because I taught swimming, it probably was. I actually never wanted to be when i was younger.

    If you could change one thing about Cwrt Sart, what would you change and why?
    If I could change one thing about Cwrt Sart, I would probably put a swimming pool on site, because there are no facilties around here.

    Do you believe in the saying that your school days are the best days of your life?
    Ummm…I dunno… I did enjoy school. Because my school had a swimming pool on site, i would go into school at 8am and go swimming. I sort of believe in the saying that your school days are the best days of your life.

    How long have you been teaching in Cwrt Sart?
    I’ve been teaching in Cwrt Sart for 23 years. I startd working in Cwrt Sart in 1987.

    If you could pick one year group to teach, which year group would you choose and why?
    I would pick year 10. They’re enthusatic and very keen to learn. They are very good to teach and they’ve just choosen geography as one of their options.

    What activites do you do in yuor spare time?
    Out of school kaiaking, surfing and i love to play golf. As it happens I’m palying a game of golf with my geography teacher this Saturday!!

    So that was our interview with Mr Marchant, hope you enjoyed!!!!

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