Electrifying Engineering with Cardiff University.

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The visit.

Our science Meta group, were given the opportunity to visit Cardiff university, school of engineering to investigate what engineering is all about and what its like for a student to attend university. We found out that the Cardiff school of engineering covers almost every aspect of engineering. There is a MEng programme, requiring four years of academic study and the BEng programme is the traditional way of studying engineering involving three years in your chosen subject. On our visit we found out about different types of engineering and how they are applied in the real world. We made parachutes to protect an egg which we let drop from a high balcony. We completed this task in order to develop our skills in engineering. Overall we all enjoyed the visit to Cardiff school of engineering.

The Challenge

Our Brief-

 We were set a challenge of designing a carrier for an egg. This carrier with the egg inside would  be dropped from a great height and must not smash.

 Our Design should :-

 -Allow the egg to be removed without ruining the carrier .

 -It must be renewable.

 -It can only be made out of newspaper and sticky tape.

 Types of engineering.

Before our science meta group went to the university we did some research on the different types of engineering. These include:

 *Architectural engineering

*Civil engineering

*Aerodynamic engineering

*Electronic engineering

*Computing engineering

*Mechanical engineering

*Medical engineering

*Agricultural engineering

*Bio engineering

*Environmental engineering

*Chemical engineering

*Ceramic engineering

*Industrial engineering

*Manufacturing engineering

*Metallurgy engineering

*Nuclear engineering

*Mineral and Mining engineering

*Fire protection engineering

*Ocean engineering

*Transportation engineering

*and Material engineering.

 What we learned about engineering at Cardiff University.

At Cardiff University my friends and I learnt more about different types of      engineering. We found out what  engineering does and were even shown various examples.

For Example:

 *We were shown a racing car that was made by university students that would do 0-60mph in 3.2 seconds. It was entered in a multi-university annual race and placed third three years ago. It would beat the Bugatti Veyron off the line but not on the straights. This is an example of            mechanical engineering

 *They also demonstrated bridge support in rushes of water and how they hold an  adequate amount of water.

 *They also stretched a piece of concrete and made it split into two pieces to  demonstrate civil engineering.

In Cardiff University there is a large variety of engineering. Below are  the names of different courses that they provide and a description about them

 Different types of engineering at Cardiff University

Architectural Engineering:

 This type of engineering involves structures of buildings and how they are going to be made.

 Civil Engineering:

 Civil Engineering is about buildings structures for civilian use 

 Civil and Environmental  Engineering:

 This sort of engineering includes roads, bridges, schools, hospitals and all basic infrastructures.

 Computer Systems Engineering:

 Computer software programs that allow engineers to apply their knowledge to computer-based environments within industrial and business enterprises.

 Electrical and Electronic Engineering:

 People that study this design and build electrical systems

 Integrated Engineering:

 This involves all the engineering types together

 Mechanical Engineering:

 This is about designing and building anything to do with anything with moving parts

 Medical Engineering:

 This is involves designing and building machines that hospitals can use

  What we wanted to find out about engineering.

We wanted to find out about engineering because

Engineering is a discipline that interests us as a group. Engineers apply technical, scientific , and mathematical knowledge to design and build

Materials , structures , machines , devices and systems , We wanted to find out how we  could get to university and what it is like to stay there.

Another thing we wanted to find out about

engineering is the types of jobs that are available

On completion of a course in university. In short we wanted to know what university could offer us after we finished school and college and what we could become in the future !

 By Brooke Chard

 What Next?

Our day at Cardiff University was a great experience, Learning about all the different types of engineering such as civil , mechanical and environmental engineering was fascinating. We went to the engineering department at Cardiff University. University was bigger then  I expected it be, it was huge! I didn’t know University had different departments. One thing I really liked and didn’t expect is that the head of engineering was in fact a woman, and the amount of women who worked in the department! I also enjoyed trying out some of the work they had made at the department , for example we had a sit down in the racing car that they had made for a competition. One thing I learnt was that if we didn’t have engineering the world would have no structures or buildings, engineers are a very important part of civilization.

In future I’d like to return back to Cardiff University to see more of the structures they have made the and other courses that they have on offer! 🙂

By Lowri Williams


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