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Year 7 rugby tournament


On Wednesday 12th May a group of year 7 boys from Cwrt SArt comprehensive school went to Tonmawr for a seven-a-side rugby tournament.

       Their first game was against Glanafan and they won with 3 tries to 1. They played very well. In their second game they played Dyffryn they won by 3 tries to nil..

In their next game they won 6-0 against cymmer afan.

By winning that game they went into a final game winner takes all against Sandfields and did extremely well and won 4-3 to win the cup.

       This was a great day as it was the first rugby trophy the school has won. We were all very pleased.

By Daniel Gregory and Owen Morgan


4 Responses to Metacwrtsart stories

  1. emaddocks says:

    Emily Maddocks – Personal Statement.

    I am currently in Year 10 at Cwrt Sart Community Comprehensive School. I am 14 years old and previously attended Ynysmaerdy Primary School. I have taken Geography, History, Music and French at GCSE and hope to do well in them in the following year. My favourite subjects are English and History, although I am thoroughly enjoying all of my subjects so far. I aspire to achieve an A*-B grade in a majority of these subjects. I hope to end up as a teacher, I have always felt passionate towards English would enjoy to eventually continue this subject in university. After leaving school I hope to further my education by attending Neath College. In the college, I hope to continue studying English Language or Literature, History, R.e and possibly French or Dance. I would like to continue with French and possibly learn it fluently in order for me to have a second language which may have an impact on my future career path.
    In primary school I was awarded with Prefect and had received many awards throughout my primary age. I have been pupil of the year and apart of the School Council for the full 3 years I have attended school. I passed my Grade 3 Flute exam in May and attend weekly orchestra and choir, also I participate in woodwind ensembles and sessions.
    In my spare time I enjoy dancing, I have been dancing since a very young age and have won many competitions with various troops and as a solo candidate. I like to keep healthy but at the same time enjoy going out on the weekend. I like reading and previously finished the Twilight Saga which I thoroughly enjoyed. My personal qualities are hard working and I like to think I am polite. I am helpful and organized, I have strong leadership as I like being in control and once I put my mind to something I like to finish it. I am very confident in speaking and enjoy challenging myself as often as I can.

  2. yhudson says:

    I am in year 10 at Cwrt Sart Comprehensive School. I enjoy art, graphics and history and hope to achieve A grades in all the subjects I am studying at school. I have not decided on what I want to do in the future but I hope it will be something interesting and exciting.

    In primary school, I had an award for English and a level 6 in the subject. I have had many certificates in comprehensive school including awards for achievements in English, history, technology and RE. I have had attendance certificates for 95% and above for 4 years in a row and an award for bronze, silver, gold and platinum merit certificate. I have won Dancer of the Year in my dance group that I attend in my spare time and also an award from a dance group I attended in year 7 & 8 after school.

    I have played netball for the school for almost 4 years and have participated in many tournaments, getting as far as the final in one. Recently, I went to a badminton tournament and me and my partner did quite well. In year 8 I went to Narbonne in the south of France on a water sports trip with Cwrt Sart. I learned a lot of new skills such as responsibility when cleaning my chalet and my own dishes and how to be part of a team when doing activities like raft building. Other activities I did were windsurfing, kayaking, dragon boat racing, rock climbing, pico boating, canoeing and orienteering.

    Outside of school, my interests are dancing, reading and socialising with friends. I have been dancing since the age of 7 and have been attending my current group for 3 years. I love reading and read at least 6 books a year. My favourite writer is Stephen King. I enjoy music and used to play the violin and recorder.

    My personal qualities are being determined, polite, hard working, on time and organised. I like working on my own, but can work as part of a team just as well.

    I hope to learn about university life through Meta and maybe begin to think about what I would like to do in the future.

  3. nannon96meta says:

    Hi I’m Rhiannon Ireland; I was born 26th Feb. 96. I lived in the Cimla for like first part of my life and attended Crynallt junior school where in year 6 I was appointed prefect. Due to unfortunate circumstances at home, I moved in with my aunt and for a short period attended Ynysmaerdy Primary School, where I was made to feel very welcome and made some great friends ready for the move to Cwrt Sart. My hobbies are karate and playing piano, when I was 10 I represented my country in karate by going to Czechoslovakia, it was amazing, I won a bronze medal and certificate.
    Year 7 arrived, Cwrt Sart is great, I was awarded ‘Pupil of the Year’ and an academic award for R.E. I was voted school councillor and I am a member of the school orchestra, I have attended Dan-Y-Coed on several occasions, I hope to continue this. I have always set goals for myself this year I achieved 1st Dan black belt in karate, from a young age I have always had a plan – obtain good exam results, go to college, university, good job etc. My favourite subjects are History, Geography, French and Music; I want to take these for my GCSE’s this year. I want to study law and later become a lawyer.
    I would like to know what University life is like and what are the lectures like?

  4. metacwrtsart says:

    Dear Diary(:,

    My alarm was set for 7.30. It went off, and I put it on snooze and went back to sleep until 7.45. This might sound a bit stupid, but believe me 15 minutes extra makes a world of difference… for me anyway! I laid in bed until my mother came and told me to get up at 8.00, then went downstairs to open number 7 on my ‘Tinker bell’ advent calendar. I grabbed my clothes off the radiator and went into the bathroom to get dressed. After getting dressed, having a wash, brushing my teeth and putting on some makeup I went into the living room and put my straighteners on to heat up. However after taking a look out the window I decided today wasn’t the best day to straighten my hair. It was raining… AGAIN!!! I attempted to watch GMTV,(it’s not easy watching TV when there is a 7 and 9 year olds running

    g around the room) as I grabbed my stuff and shoved them in my bag. Me and my sister left at around 8.35 to walk to school in the wind and rain.

    I arrived at school just before the buzzer went off then went to reg. Reg finished at 9.10 so I met my friend then went outside by the minibus to wait for Mr. Evans. The bus journey to Cardiff was quite entertaining… We put music on, and I had a good laugh with the girls. We also had a laugh shouting out random directions when Mr. Evans asked us which way next as he didn’t have a clue! The only downside of the journey was the bus smelling and Jordon being Jordon.. ANNOYING!

    We did eventually get to the right part of Cardiff University,but not before going to the wrong building-they told us we should’ve gone right(we told Mr. Evans, but did he listen?!). It was around 10.30 when we met Dr.Ian Jones, who took us to a room where some undergraduates were waiting for us. Although, before we got to the room, we did get to use a REVOLVING door. One of the highlights of my day! When we were in the room, the 2 Emilys, Mckenzie and Jordon were whisked away to interview some professors while the rest of us started writing these. At 11.15 Dr Jones took us back upstairs to an ICT suite. There we were given usernames and passwords. Then me and Rhiannon were told we had to interview Rob Evans. Kathryn, an undergrad, helped us come up with some questions before taking us up to meet Rob. Rhiannon interview him while I filmed. The interview lasted around 5 minutes, then we went to a room right next to the ICT suite so we could watch the video. However, we could hear quite clearly what was being said next door, and as soon as the word biscuit was mentioned we just had to go back in! While people were going back and forth interviewing people we typed up a report on our interviews.

    At 1 o’clock we all went over to the student union for food,(out through the REVOLVING door! I really think we should get one at Cwrt Sart ). The student union is a place for the uni students, where they can eat, revise, and join loads of differentclubs and societies(there’s even a ‘Short Person Society’ and ‘Tall Person Society’. No Lies!). Me and Rhiannon went with Kathryn and Scott, another undergrad, into a different room to eat to the rest of the group, as it was quieter and more comfortable! I was surprised at how nice Kathryn and Scott were! I didn’t think they’d be horrible, but I didn’t think they’d be so nice. They answered any questions we had on Uni, and just chatted about anything really.

    We meet back up with the group at 1.50 to go back to the uni (through the REVOLVING door! Round and round it goes…).I finished writing my ‘Reflextion on Interview’ then emailed it to Mr. Evans. I then continued writing this. Coming up to 3 o’clock we took some photos of the group with various people, then at 3 o’clock we went back to the minibus to go back to school(through the REVOLVING door. Never failing to amuse!).

    The bus journey back was quieter than on the way, but I still had a chat with Rhiannon, Emily and Hannah. The bus smelt nicer too… someone sprayed some body spray. The only thing which didn’t change was Jordon and this time Mckenzie was with him. Need I say more? Anyway, we got home just after 4 and it’d finally stopped raining… which was good because I had to walk home!

    So, a good day. To be honest I’m looking forward to our next trip there. Actually, I’m looking forward to going to University. Just 3 years left of Cwrt Sart and 2 years of college left…

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