Swansea Metropolitan University workshops.

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Meta Cwrt Sart pupils experienced a ‘Taste of University Life’ day on Tuesday, 30th March, 2010 at Swansea Metropolitan University .The day consisted of a hands on workshop aimed at pupils who may have had an interest in Art and Design but who we are targeting as future University undergraduates. Pupils participated in three areas of specialism including textiles, video production and a 3-D workshop, exploring plaster casting and clay. The workshops were run by Lecturers and undergraduates from Swansea Metropolitan University.


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  1. metacwrtsart says:

    Swansea Metropolitan University Day Evaluation

    Today, Daniel Iwan and I (Callum) went to Swansea Metropolitan University and had a great day. We started off by going into the foyer and were put into groups. We went to video production and editing and our teacher was Mark. We used Final Cut Pro. We had a clip of people bursting balloons and their reactions and had to make a short movie out of them by editing and using effects on them. Our movie was called “C.D.I. Productions presents balloons with a Twist”. We then had them put on DVDs. It was a really funny video and we all enjoyed the experience.

    Callum, Daniel and Iwan

  2. metacwrtsart says:


    This was a good day in my group sculpting and making candles and making hand moulds. The place we were was in Swansea Metropolitan University.

    First of all when we arrived we went to the foyer where we were directed to our clay sculpturing department where we made a clay collage. Once we had done we left the building to a different sector where we placed our collage on the table and made a wooden barricade so we could pour in some melted rubber. When we did that we were asked to go to the next room where we made plaster liquid. Miss had told us to take out our hands in a cup shape so we could pour the plastic fluid in our hands’ to wait for it to dry.

    Once the plaster fluid dried we were asked to detach it from our hands when that was done we went into the room before to see what happened to our collage. When we took out our collage and placed it on the table we were asked to go to lunch for the end of the day.

    Through this experience I have learnt a lot of things that you can do in University.


  3. metacwrtsart says:

    My day at Swansea University.

    At the Swansea metropolitan university, I and some friend were sent to the textiles room to try out some common techniques. First we were shone around the main workshops. The workshop we worked in was printing fabric. Once our tour was finished we painted and stamped dye onto an A4 sheet of paper. We then picked a piece of fabric, once we had done a fair few designs. We took our design and fabric to the printing room. We put the fabric on to a large piece of paper then placed some natural objects on top of the fabric, then placed the dye painting faced down on top of the objects and the fabric. Then I put one more piece of large paper on top, so I could press it in a large hot pressing iron, for 30 seconds, then lifted it up to reveal the print.

    I found the whole process very engrossing and enjoyed myself!

    By Rebecca Davies 7c.

  4. metacwrtsart says:

    Swansea Metropolitan University

    We got spilt up into groups, Textiles, Clay and DVD producing.
    I was in the Textiles work shop for most of the day!
    Then we got taught how to print onto different materials.
    After printing them onto the material we used our designs to make a sculpture.

    Isabelle Jones

  5. metacwrtsart says:

    Art Trip Evaluation

    Today was fun, we left school just after form and left for Swansea Metropolitan University.
    We arrived at around 10:00 and were split into groups and mostly the year 9’s did film making.
    We were taken up to a small recording room in the university where we did the balloon pop challenge.
    This involved us holding a blown up balloon to a camera while someone popped it, They then recorded our reactions.
    Shortly after, we were taken up to a computer room and downloaded our footage to an Apple computer, we went to lunch at about 12:00 and came back to resume our work.
    We edited this into a short clip and added effects and transitions to make it look good.
    The whole class then sat down and viewed each others clips.
    I think that our video was good as we worked well together.

    Abigail Price.

  6. metacwrtsart says:

    30th march 2010 by Aimee & Emily
    Swansea University Trip

    We started the day by taking the coach to Swansea University.
    When we got there, we split into 3 groups for clay making, video editing and textiles.
    We had gone with the video editing group.
    We had to record the reactions to people when a balloon is popped in front of their faces.
    When everyone’s reactions were recorded, we went into ICT.
    We used Mac computers with 2 screens for more work to be done, we used a program called Final cut pro to edit our work.
    We had manipulated everyone’s reactions and put it into a small movie.
    Then we had lunch in their cafeteria,
    people who didn’t bring pack-lunch had their lunches prepared for them in advance.
    After that we went back to the ICT room to finish off our project.
    When all projects were finished, they were burned onto a disc, so we had a copy each to take home.
    We then had a tour of the University, it was amazing with all the things they can do.

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