Talent trails/ educational journeys.


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  1. metacwrtsart says:

    Interviewing Dr. Rob Evans Review

    We learnt that Dr. Rob Evans is a professor/ lecturer who is a leader in sociology and teaching on the undergraduate program, and also post graduates. When he is not teaching he has a research career. Works on various committees, he is also in charge of IT development.

    When we asked him what he did to achieve his PhD he said in 1992 he had to interview several independent forecasters on the subject of Exchange Policy Rate. In 1997 he achieved his goal of a PhD. We asked him would he advise students to get a PhD He replied that it all depends on the person, you have the 1 project and have 3 years to complete it. Although you get support from lecturers etc it is down to you to pull it off. So if you are curious and you are into working on your own it’s a great thing to do. It’s worked out very well for him he said.

    I believe that if I was interested in economy forecasts and Exchange Policy Rates I would have enjoyed it more. This subject didn’t interest me that much so it made me think that when I go to University the subjects that I take has to be something I’m interested in and something that I enjoy.

  2. metacwrtsart says:

    My alarm was set for 7.17am (I am a very precise person). My phone began to buzz and play a calm song called Sweet Disposition. I quickly grabbed it and pressed ‘stop’. When I finally got up, I got dressed, went downstairs, had breakfast and watched GMTV for a while before my brother came down. Even though he is older than me – 16 in fact – he watches the Disney Channel every morning without fail. After realising I had already seen the particular episode that was on, I went upstairs to wash and get ready. I shouted down to my brother, who I cannot trust to do anything, to let our dog out. He left for school, and I followed shortly to meet my friend Sarah.

    Five minutes after leaving my house, she phoned me asking me to buy her sweets. I told her I’d passed the shop and that she’d have to go to the Post Office. I met her there but the queue was huge so I left her and walked to school on my own.

    Form was boring as usual. Some people did homework they’d forgot to do the night before, some sneakily signed their journals to avoid detention and some just slept on the desks.

    Twenty minutes later, I was off to the bus to leave for Cardiff University. The journey there was chaotic, singing and screaming and laughing. Our teacher didn’t listen to our directions (which we were guessing ourselves, I have to admit) and we therefore got lost. We found it in the end. Thankfully.

    My first impressions of the university were that it was very large and sophisticated. I couldn’t wait to go inside and learn more about it.

    It was raining when we got out of the bus and my hood repeatedly slid off my head. Talk about frustrating!

    We headed inside and the revolving door was a nightmare. I had a funny feeling someone would get stuck in it… and someone did.

    The rest of the day went very well and I learned plenty about university and what is involved. Sarah and I interviewed a man called Robin Smith, who was a PHD student. He was very interesting and he was very insipring. I enjoyed my day toroughly.

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